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Congratulations on 25th anniversary of Stanford MS&E 273: “Technology Venture Formation” and professors Audrey MacLean, Mike Lyons and Jack Fuchs!   A full article about the course, its history and its impact is here.  Also included is a very cool 3-minute video overview.


Big data. It’s a term we hear frequently these days. But what exactly is “big data?” Is it a force for good, or a way for companies and governments to keep better track of us? In this clip from The Economist’s Ideas Economy events series, we ask leading experts what they think of the rise of big data. 


It’s one thing to read posts from founders and investors dispensing advice on the particulars of building a team and setting company culture. It’s another to have them look you in the eyes and share their experiences in their own words.

This video provides the latter in a direct and concise way that you can feel. Not required, but definitely worth your time to look into their eyes then into a mirror to ask yourself what kind of culture you want to create for the business you’re trying to build.

"Siri for Venture Capitalists" - this is pretty hilarious. 

Here’s the trailer for “Moneyball” the movie, opening Sept 23. Ostensibly about baseball, the book by Michael Lewis has become a bible for value investors, right up there with Benjamin Graham’s _Security Analysis_.