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Cressida Leyshon on Dave Eggers’ new novel, “A Hologram for the King”:

It’s set in Saudi Arabia and concerns an American businessman who’s travelled to the country in an attempt to revive his flagging career. Through the figure of Alan Clay, Eggers explores the changing realities of the global marketplace and reveals hidden aspects of life in Saudi Arabia. It’s a fascinating novel, and I realized midway through it that I’ve read far more journalism than fiction about both globalization and Saudi Arabia. I was interested to find out why Eggers chose to make these the subject of his latest novel and I sent him a few questions about it.

Click-through to read Leyshon’s interview with Dave Eggers:

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this is the perfect cover for this week.  it honestly is.

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Must-read overview of the up-and-coming generation of Chinese leaders.  Throughout history, the rise of a nation through industrialization into the ranks of the developed world has usually been accompanied by a rise in nationalism and hard-line foreign policy.  Why would we expect PRC to be any different?

China’s new generation of neocon nationalists.

Evan Osnos | New Yorker |

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