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Slow Down road signThanks to a friend of mine, I recently discovered the growing concept of “The Slow Web.”  If you are familiar with the slow food movement, you’ll grok the concept.  From this excellent overview of the Slow Web:

"Timeliness. Rhythm. Moderation. These things dovetail into what I consider the biggest difference between Slow Web and Fast Web. Fast Web is about information. Slow Web is about knowledge. Information passes through you; knowledge dissolves into you. And timeliness, rhythm, and moderation are all essential for memory and learning."

The original “Slow Web” concept appears to have been coined by Walter Chen, CEO of iDoneThis.  From a must-read overview blog post on his site, here is one of the key concepts:

Measured, not frantic.  ”High time pressure over extended periods of time leads to both poor inner work life and poor performance.”  History will probably laugh at our time’s attempt to impose a mentality of industrial production upon creative work.

White Sands - Mindful Startups

All of this dovetails nicely with the concept of Mindful Startups that I have been working on recently; the stated mission of Mindful Startups is “exploring the relevance of mindfulness, neuroscience, and the contemplative traditions to the entrepreneurial life.”  This work starts from the belief that not only is mindful awareness critical to effective work, but that it actually improves creativity, thought, and long-term brain functionality. You can check out the MindfulStartups blog here or follow the twitter feed here.

(Hat Tip to Hue Rhodes for the pointer to the Slow Web movement!)