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Schultz is trying to say that after struggling to grow the nation’s largest coffee company in the past, he’s “cracked the code” on a new model to grow shares and store offerings. It just turns out that the new model is an old one: Schultz’s plan is similar in style to the growth path that IBM(IBM) has outlined to distance itselffrom itsroots in hardware and grow in data analytics, consulting and IT services.

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A Corporate Bias Against Investment? One of the puzzles of the sluggish global economy today is why companies aren’t investing more. They certainly seem to have good reasons to: corporate coffers are full, interest rates are low, and a slack economy inevitably offers bargains. Yet many companies seem to be holding back.
A number of factors are doubtless involved, ranging from market volatility to fears of a double-dip recession to uncertainty about economic policy. One factor that might go unnoticed, however, is the surprisingly strong role of decision biases in the investment decision-making process—a role that revealed itself in a recent McKinsey Global Survey.
McKinsey Quarterly, citing recent studies that show that the psychology of corporate executives is itself a key reason for the lack of business investment in growth.  Read more at .