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Gartner on Big Data

In its just-published Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing 2012, Gartner predicts that “Big Data will deliver transformational benefits to enterprises within 2 to 5 years, and by 2015 will enable enterprises adopting this technology to outperform competitors by 20% in every available financial metric.”

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Big data. It’s a term we hear frequently these days. But what exactly is “big data?” Is it a force for good, or a way for companies and governments to keep better track of us? In this clip from The Economist’s Ideas Economy events series, we ask leading experts what they think of the rise of big data. 

Timing is everything. Whether telling a joke, starting a company—or defeating cyber threats against a country’s infrastructure or company’s assets—timing is the crucial factor.

John Burke of True Ventures in a blog post on his firm’s decision to join us at Flywheel Ventures in financing our newest portfolio company, TerraEchos.

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What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’:

Derrick Harris has a useful piece up at GigaOm that breaks down the growing buzzwords around “Big Data,” “Big Analytics,” and the ‘Hadoop’ terminology at the center of it all.  Read the full article here.

I’ve interviewed a number of collectors who worked in Iraq and Afghanistan, and one of their complaints is, ‘I’m sitting in a foxhole and I’ve got 3,000 emails coming in from Washington every morning with all the latest intelligence. And the guy said, ‘It’s wonderful that they’re sharing this stuff with me; I just wish they were a little more selective about what they were sending me.’