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The successful warrior is the average person, with laser-like focus.
Bruce Lee
The more affinity there is between two VCs investing in a firm, the less likely the firm will succeed.

Paul Gompers, Yuhai Xuan and Vladimir Mukharlyamov, in their new research paper, “The Cost of Friendship.” The three Harvard researchers show that the more affinity there is between two VCs who co-invest in a new company, the less likely it is that the company will succeed.

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Robinson’s story is a great reminder that persistence and passion are often the only things you need in order to launch your business idea.


There’s no venue quite like the New York Public Library if you’re looking for proof that books have enduring power. Kickstarter recently teamed up with Zola Books, Flavorwire, Scribd, Litographs, Submittable and Rooster to throw a party at NYPL to celebrate literature and to contemplate how technology might change the future of book publishing. 

Opportunity can be manufactured. Yes, you can wait around for the right set of circumstances to fall into place and then leap into action, but you can also create those sets of circumstances on your own.
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"Your Computer Is Bored By You"

Our fear of sentient machines is overblown, says commentator Adam Frank. They won’t have time to bother with us.

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The Next Giant Chinese City Will Float In The Ocean

China is running out of room for its growing urban population. This amazing design—an entire prefab city that floats on water—could magically create more space.

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Photo of the Day: West and East Mitten Buttes

Photography by Richard Briggs (Grand Junction, Colorado); Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah

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